San Fermin & Bull Running Pamplona Climbing

02.07.2016 - 16.07.2016

What could be better for the old ticker than to combine some serious climbing with a once in a lifetime, trouser worrying (in more ways than one), running with the bulls experience. Come join us to see just how crazy it can get. 

OK, so this isn’t exactly climbing with bulls. Even we’re not that crazy. But you will be combining a kick ass climbing trip with some hot and heavy bull action. This exclusive climbing week takes place in the iconic and beautiful Basque country and legendary bull running town of Pamplona.

Here at Rockbusters we live and breathe the adrenaline rush of climbing but we’re always keen to try new ways of getting our kicks. So it just made perfect sense to check out the thrills of bull running too. And we want you to come and join us. This eight-day sport climbing and bulls adventure is the perfect way to spend your summer holidays. Not only is this a week in one of the best places to climb in Europe but you also get to enjoy the experience of San Fermin in Pamplona, one of the world’s biggest and best parties.

Your guides will belay you wherever you like and make sure you tackle as many climbs as you can during your stay. Enjoy the benefits of one-on-one coaching, video and photo analysis to help improve your performance and technique on the rock.

Depending on weather conditions, these are the top climbing areas that we try and visit during the week: Apellaniz (Alava), Atauri, Etxauri (Pamplona), San Fausto, Convento

During the week, we’ll be targeting:

  • On-going performance coaching so that you’re always building on your technique

  • Slab and vertical ground to work on footwork

  • Work on balance so that you start to climb in a more efficient way (leading F5 or more)

  • Overhang work to build strength and confidence so you can take on tougher climbing challenges

  • More challenging climbs of F6 or more for more experienced climbers looking to go to the next level

  • Redpoint and on-sight attempts so you can tackle new climbs more easily

This adventure is designed mainly for climbers who already have some outdoor climbing experience and want to get deeper into climbing culture. Beginners might be more suited to our novice course. This means that we can really try to push you to achieve more during your stay.

You’ll also learn new safety techniques and how to choose and maintain the right equipment so that you feel secure trying new and challenging climbs. You’ll be shown how to use a guidebook so you can figure out new climbing areas, as well as building on your calls and communication so you can stay in touch with other climbers on new faces. You’ll also learn about cleaning anchors and safe belaying for top rope and leading.

The Bull Run

For those of you that don’t know, each year at the beginning of July in the towns of Pamplona and Irunea bulls are let loose in the streets. This traditional fiesta is to celebrate San Fermin, the patron saint of the Navarra region, with the Running of the Bulls as its centerpiece. It’s a world famous event where runners need to try and avoid the bulls for almost a kilometre. And yes, it’s as crazy and adrenaline-fuelled as it sounds. This is true bucket list stuff so why not come and join us?

SUITABLE FOR: any climbing levels, at least little climbing experience is advantage (safe belay, tie on, ...)

PRICE INCLUDES: Guiding / Coaching, Accommodation (campsites, refuges, ...), Transport, Safety equipment (quick draws, ropes, harness, helmet, ... NO CLIMBING SHOES)

PRICE EXCLUDES: travel and climbing insurance, flight tickets and food

WHAT YOU NEED: climbing shoes, harness, helmet, belay device, 60cm sling with screw gate carabiner, sleeping bag, foam pad, good approach shoes, back pack, warm light jacket, headlamp



Etxauri lies in a climbing paradise of Basque country. Basque country is a unique place with an unusually high concentration of great quality crags and also climbing fanatics. The whole area has a long climbing tradition and Etxauri in particular belongs among the classics of the area. It is set in a beautiful scenery, offers great quality solid limestone and on top of that, is very easy to get to – it lies only 15 km away from Pamplona!

Etxauri is a one of those places which you simply can't miss out if you like challenging technical climbing. There are more than 800 lines of all grades and climbing styles. As mentioned above, its specialty is challenging technical climbing. Little crimps and hardly any footholds on slabby, vertical or slightly overhanging faces – that is Etxauri's classics and that obviously requires great amount of technique and skill. 

Etxauri is a huge area and offers great variety of climbing. Apart from the main sport crags, there are good quality multipitches areas and also interesting little sport areas such as San Fausto, which are definitely worth your attention too. 

Most of the popular crags are on the sun which makes Etxauri great spot to enjoy sun when the temperatures drop down. You can come in autumn or spring but make sure you avoid summertime. If you wish to come in winter, you can try but count on with very low temperatures on cloudy days and a high probability of rain.

To get to Basque country you can fly into Bilbao, Vitoria or San Sebastian, all of which are less than 2 hours away from Pamplona. The closest is San Sebastian which is about only about an hour drive from Pamplona. Like everywhere in Spain you will get around much better in a rented car than in public transport.

When it comes to where to sleep, in the Etxauri area you have a great choice: There are 3 campsites nearby Pamplona or you can simply visit Pamplona and choose what you like. Those of you who are used to Mediterranean mild temperatures  shouldn't forget that the climate in Basque country is rather different from Spain. It is much colder at night and rainier especially during spring, autumn and winter. Another thing which makes the area different from the rest of the country are the prices – Basque country is one of the most expensive provinces in Spain.

Airport arrival: Bilbao Airport
Airport departure: Bilbao Airport